Sustainable projects: sustainable products for sustainable cities.


What we do.

We advise businesses and organisations on recovering their waste.

We develop new materials and products based on waste.
We make a technical and economic diagnosis of the potential for recovering waste; we design processes to transform it into new materials and we identify industrial and business opportunities based on using these.

    Zipper System.

    Development of a modular system to segregate traffic flows using recycled plastics. This Zicla project[…]

    Report of working groups within the construction sector.

    The construction sector has a significant environmental impact: It consumes 60% of the extractions of[…]


    Development of micronisation technology to obtain powdered rubber from waste tyres for use in thermoplastic[…]

    ZEBRA planter.

    Eco-design, development and manufacture of a recycled plastic planter with high-visibility reflective strips. The purpose[…]

    RCD Asfalt.

    Use of mainly concrete recycled aggregates to replace fine aggregates in manufacturing bituminous mixtures. The[…]

    ZEBRA cycle lane separator.

    Eco-design, development and manufacture of a recycled plastic cycle lane separator with high-visibility reflective strips.[…]

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    Carpet Board.

    Development of rigid boards with carpet from the Barcelona trade fair centre. The aim of[…]

    Eco-design with recycled and recyclable material.

    By eco-design it is understood a set of actions oriented to the environmental improvement of[…]

    TAIMEE: Thermal and Acoustic insulating material from finished leathers waste.

    Development of a sound-absorption panel for road screening with leather waste from tanneries. The TAIMEE[…]

    Glass Fibre Waste.

    Development of rigid board from glass fibre waste Development of a rigid board from glass[…]

    VECTORIAL Bus Platform.

    Design, development and manufacturing of a modular platform intended to improve accessibility for bus passengers[…]

    Prefabricated Concrete Items.

    Development of prefabricated concrete items incorporating construction and demolition waste (CDW). The purpose of the[…]

    RECYDREN/RECYMAT drainage blankets.

    Recovery of cross-linked polyethylene foam in the form of blankets for drainage and shock absorption[…]


    1Proyecto demostrativo de la implantación en Getxo de estrategias de gestión responsable de Residuos de[…]


    Recycling plaster in new applications based on the mechanical processing of laminated plasterboard (LP) waste.[…]


    Reuse of seats from end-of-life vehicles (ELV) in the furniture sector.   The purpose of[…] | T. +34 932 242 731. c/ Ramon Turró 100-104, 4º-3ª. 08005, Barcelona