Waste transformed into Recycled Materials and Products.


What we do.

We advise businesses and organisations on recovering their waste.

We develop new materials and products based on waste.

Every day, cities and their associated activities generate thousands of tonnes of waste which ends up in landfills due to the lack of recycling. This wastes valuable resources while virgin materials – many of them non-renewable – are extracted from our planet. But things are changing and gradually the way towards what is known as the circular economy is being opened up. This focuses on the resource cycle and follows a model based on reusing, repairing, remanufacturing and recycling existing materials and products rather than using virgin raw materials.

At Zicla, as a recycled product company committed to the circular economy, we work so the recoverable waste generated by cities and their associated activities – waste which, although it has interesting potential for recovery, goes to landfill because of the lack of recycling – can be transformed into new materials. This can be produced by industry, municipal authorities, services, etc., but what it all has in common is that it consists of wasted resources.

We make a technical and economic diagnosis of the recovery potential of this waste, and, together with industry, we design the transformation processes needed to turn them into new materials of acceptable quality and price. We work with industry both to design the new materials based on the waste and to adapt the industry’s processes using innovation so these new secondary raw materials are acceptable.

Finally, we identify business opportunities based on the use of these new materials and we transform them into recycled products that can be returned to cities in the form of street furniture and items to improve road safety, accessibility and the enjoyment of the city, etc., making them sustainable, environmentally-friendly green cities.

In this way, at Zicla we offer a value proposition for waste generated by cities and clearly contribute through our recycling projects to returning the waste to them in the form of sustainable solutions that are fully part of the circular economy.

    • reciclar capsulas de cafe
    • residuos captulas de cafe nespresso
    • capsulas nespresso reciclar

    Coffee capsule waste.

    Recovering coffee capsules in the form of granules for industrial use. The purpose of the[…]

    • reciclar tetabrick
    • tetrabrick reciclaje
    • reciclar tetrabrick
    • envases de tetrabrick reciclaje

    Tetra Brik packaging waste recycling.

    The purpose of the project was to demonstrate that waste from paper plants consisting of[…]

    • neumaticos reiclaje
    • usos residuos neumaticos
    • greenrubber


    Development of micronisation technology to obtain powdered rubber from waste tyres for use in thermoplastic[…]

    • birziklatutako produktuak

    Inclusion of recycled products in civil work executive projects.

    Inclusion of recycled products in civil work executive projects of INCASOL.   The purpose of[…]

    • plastico carril bici
    • plastico reciclado
    • plastico reciclado
    • jardinera separadora

    ZEBRA planter separating bike path on sidewalk.

    Eco-design, development and manufacture of a recycled plastic planter with high-visibility reflective strips. The purpose[…]

    • residuos construccion
    • productos reciclados para construccion
    • Mercado ecologico

    Market for recycled construction products.

    The construction sector, including both civil engineering and buildings, is a very important sector as[…]

    Prefabricated concrete products with recycled aggregates.

    Incorporating recycled aggregates in manufacturing prefabricated concrete products. The project analysed the technical and economic[…]

    • birziklatutako agregakin mistoa

    RCD Asfalt: concrete recycled aggregates in bituminous mixtures.

    Use of mainly concrete recycled aggregates to replace fine aggregates in manufacturing bituminous mixtures. The[…]

    Rolling plastics.

    Recycling plastic parts from scrapped end-of-life vehicles (ELV) in the Basque Country to obtain high-added-value[…]

    • separador zebra

    ZEBRA separator for bike lanes on the road.

    Eco-design, development and manufacture of a recycled plastic cycle lane separator with high-visibility reflective strips.[…]

    • residuos de fibra de vidrio
    • fibra de vidrio
    • material contruccion aislar

    Glass Fibre Waste.

    Development of rigid board from glass fibre waste. Development of a rigid board from glass[…]

    TAIMEE: Thermal and Acoustic insulating material from finished leathers waste.

    Development of a sound-absorption panel for road screening with leather waste from tanneries. The TAIMEE[…]

    • Carril bici ecologico

    Zipper System: modular system for segregating traffic flows.

    This Zicla project was aimed to eco-design, develop and manufacture a modular system to segregate[…]

    • tires out of use

    Development of resistant concrete to the impact with recycled rubber fibers.

    Directive 99/31 / CE associated with the waste disposal, prohibits the entrance of wastes derived[…]

    Report of working groups within the construction sector.

    The construction sector has a significant environmental impact: It consumes 60% of the extractions of[…]

    • REURBANO: mobilier urbain
    • Reurbano: urban furniture


    Reuse of urban furniture elements in cities. The elements of urban furniture that the cities[…]

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