Source: ZICLA.

The cycle lane on Calle Dr. Fleming in Barcelona has been moved to the roadway, giving the pavement back to pedestrians.

PROJECT NAME:Cycle lane on Calle Dr. Fleming
LOCATION:Calle Dr. Fleming

Barcelona continues to adapt its urban space to distribute it more fairly between the different modes of transport, opening up spaces for bicycles, improving the bus network and giving priority to people walking on pavements to provide them with convenience and safety.

The extension of the cycle lane network is one of the council’s key measures to achieve this adaptation.

The goal is to substantially increase the number of cycle lane kilometres so that 95% of the city’s population has at least one cycle lane within 300 meters of their home.

Project requirements and objectives.

The Barcelona City Council 2017-2018 bicycle plan includes, in addition to growing the cycling infrastructure, the improvement of existing infrastructure.

A clear example of this is the cycle lane on Calle Dr. Fleming.

Previously this cycle lane was located on the pavement; with the redevelopment, the cycle lane was moved to the roadway, giving the pavement back to pedestrians.

The proposed solution.


This is a two-way cycle lane running along the entire Calle Dr. Fleming, from Avenida Diagonal to Ronda General Mitre.

To segregate the cycle lane, Barcelona City Council has once again chosen the Zipper® system.