Graham Corell-Allen

The Zipper® system on a Public Art project in Baltimore City, Maryland.

PROJECT NAME: Collington Square Oak Sanctuary Art Crosswalks
CITY: Baltimore, MD
LOCATION: N Chester St & E Chase St, Baltimore, MD 21213
OPENING DATE: November 2020

Many cities are using Public Art as a tool for tactical urbanism to make their streets liveable. N Cheser and E Chase streets in Baltimore City, Maryland, was the scene of some Art Work by Graham Projects. The project is called the “Oak Sanctuary” and has been possible thanks to the City Life Community Builders and the Collington Square Neighbourhood Association.

Need and project objectives.

According to Graham Coreil- Allen, the project manager, this intersection is close to a school. Although nearby residents rely on walking for their day-to-day activities, it is a street with aggressive car traffic.

The objective of this intervention was to improve pedestrian safety, the beauty of the neighbourhood. It increases connectivity between two quarters separated by train tracks.

The proposed solution.

Graham Projects painted “bump-outs” to extend the existing sidewalks and reduce the corner radius. According to Coreil-Allen, “the art crosswalk and “bump-outs” provide a welcome gateway to Collington Square while slowing down aggressive car traffic, improving street-crossing safety for its residents who rely on walking to get to school and work”.

ZICLA Public Art The Zipper® system on a Public Art project in Baltimore City, Maryland. 1To guarantee pedestrian safety, the ZICLA’s Zipper® system A modules reinforce the Public Art. According to Graham, he has chosen the Zipper® system because of its durability and aesthetics.