Asphalt art to test new micromobility solutions in Asheville, North Carolina.

PROJECT NAME:  Public art in Asheville
CITY:  Asheville, North Carolina
LOCATION:  Coxe Avenue
OPENING DATE:  April 2019 


A growing number of cities around the world are embracing art as an effective and relatively low-cost strategy to enliven their streets. Asheville on Bikes, the city’s bicycle advocacy nonprofit organization, teamed up with several partners to reshape the way citizens experience downtown Asheville.

Need and project objectives.

The project seeks to solve the lack of alternatives to moving in and out of downtown Asheville by private car and beautify this area of the city.

Coxe Avenue is one of the main streets in downtown Asheville’s South Slope neighborhood. It is also part of the city’s emerging residential and small business development district. Traffic congestion is therefore growing, because there have so far been no alternatives to private transportation.

The butterfly mural was designed by Sound Mind Creative and painted by volunteers who took part into the activities organized by Asheville on Bikes. In addition, the creation of a protected bidirectional bike lane makes urban and commuter cycling in Asheville safer and more accessible.

The proposed solution.

The 0.3-mile two-way bike lane in Coxe Avenue has been protected using 140 units of ZICLA’s Zebra® 9 separators. The city needed to proceed with a quick installation, which was achieved thanks to the ease of installation of Zebra® separators.

ZICLA Asphalt art Asphalt art to test new micromobility solutions in Asheville, North Carolina. 1The Zebra® separator, installed in dozens of cities around the world, improves road safety and the mobility of road users. This product family has three separator models that vary in height: Zebra® 13 (5 1/8 in.), Zebra® 9 (3 35/64 in.) and Zebra® 5 (1 31/32 in.).