Fremont, California, creates a high-safety bicycle infrastructure.

PROJECT NAME: Vision Zero Fremont.
CITY: Fremont, California.
LOCATION: Mission Boulevard.


In 2015, Fremont was the first city in the East side of the San Francisco Bay to adopt Vision Zero. Now, the city has a Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan and it is creating protected cycle lanes, innovative intersections, and a new bike share system.

Need and project objectives.

Fremont is a suburban area that has been built taking cars only into consideration. For decades, pedestrians and bike users have been forced to expose themselves to dangerous areas around this car-centric city.

Since the implementation of the Vision Zero, the city officials have worked to create a safe bicycle infrastructure to reduce the risk of injuries for bike users. This safe infrastructure is composed of protected bike lanes that would connect its downtown with public transit hubs, like the BART station at Walnut Avenue.

The proposed solution.

ZICLA bicycle infrastructure. Fremont, California, creates a high-safety bicycle infrastructure. 1The city of Fremont created protected cycle lanes with buffer spaces, designed to create a safe barrier between motor vehicles and bike users. For the correct performance of the buffer space, the city officials chose the Zebra® 13 cycle lane separators.

The Zebra® separators are an entirely recyclable product made with recycled plastic. They are highly durable, offering very good visibility. They are also an element for channeling traffic, allowing rainwater to flow across them, while cyclists can leave the bike lane whenever necessary.