The city of Bentonville, Arkansas, connects its downtown with the entire city with protected cycle lanes.

PROJECT NAME: Downtown protected cycle lane network.
CITY: Bentonville, Arkansas.
LOCATION: Downtown Bentonville.
OPENING DATE: November 2018.


The city of Bentonville, Arkansas, is considered a premier destination for mountain bikers and cyclists worldwide, with a network of more than 140 miles of trails that connect the city with its surrounding area.

Need and project objectives.

The city of Bentonville was adequately connected with its surrounding area thanks to a great network of bike trails. However, there was a lack of inner-city protected bike lanes that could connect the major public services with residential, commercial and industrial areas.

In 2018, the city officials decided to create a new infrastructure of protected bike lanes inside the city in the framework of a set of Tactical Urbanism Projects. For the purpose of increasing the safety of this new infrastructure, they considered the installation of bike lane separators as an essential element of the project.

The proposed solution.

200228 Zebra 13 cycle lane separatorThe city of Bentonville created a pilot project to connect the city’s Public Library with Downtown via a combination of two-way protected and shared use lanes.

For the creation of the buffer space of the two-way protected bike lanes, the city of Bentonville has relied on the Zebra® 13 cycle lane separators, which offer a great performance on high-traffic areas, such as the ones in which it has been installed.