The city of West Palm Beach, Florida, expands its protected bike lane network.

PROJECT NAME: West Palm Beach downtown bike corridor.
CITY: West Palm Beach, Florida.
LOCATION: Lake Avenue.
OPENING DATE: July 2017.


West Palm Beach is the northernmost city in the Miami urban area, and it is a vibrant community which is experiencing an increase in the number of people moving by bike year after year.

Need and project objectives.

Bike use is growing in the city, but there are no areas for people to ride safely on the streets, which force bike users to either choose to invade the sidewalks or expose themselves to fast and dangerous motor vehicles.

The city of West Palm Beach decided to approve a plan to add protected cycle lanes to 2 miles of road in its downtown area. The objective was to create a safe corridor that would connect downtown and its surrounding areas through Cumberland Road to Village Boulevard.

The proposed solution.

The city officials chose to create protected bike lanes. The reason for this choice was that they detected that drivers often exceeded the 30-mph speed limit in the area. The inclusion of a buffer area would give bike riders an extra layer of safety.

ZICLA The city of West Palm Beach, Florida, expands its protected bike lane network. 1The city of West Palm Beach has chosen the Zebra® 13 by ZICLA cycle lane separators to protect the new cycle lanes. Zebra® separators, installed in dozens of cities around the world, improve road safety and mobility for road users. This product family has three separator models varying in height: Zebra® 13 (5 1/8 in.), Zebra® 9 (3 35/64 in.) and Zebra® 5 (1 31/32 in.).

The Zebra® separators are an entirely recyclable product made with recycled plastic. They are highly durable offering very good visibility. They are also an element for channeling traffic allowing rainwater to flow across them, while cyclists can leave the bike lane whenever necessary.