The separators making up the Zebra® family have been designed to improve safety for cycle lane users.

  • They can be adapted to any kind of road surface.
  • They are highly visible thanks to the fact that almost 40% of their surface is retroreflective.
  • They are made with recycled plastic, so their environmental impact is minimal. They are ecodesigned products.
  • They are highly resistant to impact and bad weather and they have various anchorage points in the road surface.
  • They are competitive because they make it possible to carry out a project with minimal intervention on the public roads.

See how the Zebra® family improves safety for cycle lane users.

    Dublin City provides additional outdoor seating & accessories for the 2021 summer.

    PROJECT NAME: Outdoor Seating & Accessories for Tourism & Hospitality Business CITY: Dublin, Ireland LOCATION:[…]

    Sibiu Municipality (Romania) improves urban transport to offer a more feasible and cleaner alternative to travel around the city.

    PROJECT NAME: Modernization of urban transport in Sibiu CITY: Sibiu (Romania) LOCATION: Podului Street OPENING[…]

    The City of Ojai, in collaboration with Street Plans, created an on-street protected bikeway in the city for the first time.

    PROJECT NAME: Creation of an on-street protected bikeway CITY: Ojai, California LOCATION: Maricopa Highway OPENING[…]

    In the framework of the Spaces for People program, Glasgow City Council has decided to install Zebra® | Planters in Kelvin Way.

    PROJECT NAME: Spaces for People program CITY: Glasgow, UK LOCATION: Kelvin Way OPENING DATE: August[…]

    Glasgow improves bike integration in downtown by developing a new cycle lane infrastructure.

    PROJECT NAME: New cycle lane by the River Clyde CITY: Glasgow, Scotland LOCATION: Clyde Street[…]

    First installation of Zebra® | Zero in Pau (France).

    PROJECT NAME: Creation of protected bike lanes CITY: Pau, Pyrénées-Atlantiques (France) LOCATION: Avenue du Général[…]

    The city of West Palm Beach, Florida, expands its protected bike lane network.

    PROJECT NAME: West Palm Beach downtown bike corridor. CITY: West Palm Beach, Florida. LOCATION: Lake[…]

    The city of Bentonville, Arkansas, connects its downtown with the entire city with protected cycle lanes.

    PROJECT NAME: Downtown protected cycle lane network. CITY: Bentonville, Arkansas. LOCATION: Downtown Bentonville. OPENING DATE:[…]

    Fremont, California, creates a high-safety bicycle infrastructure.

    PROJECT NAME: Vision Zero Fremont. CITY: Fremont, California. LOCATION: Mission Boulevard. OPENING DATE: May 2017.[…]

    The City of Modesto, California, applies a road diet by using Zebra® separators.

    PROJECT NAME: College Avenue Road Diet TOWN/CITY: Modesto, California LOCATION: College Avenue at Stoddard Avenue[…]

    Royal College Street cycle tracks in Camden (London) use Zebra® separators to protect cyclists from motorized traffic.

    PROJECT NAME: Royal College Street cycling scheme TOWN/CITY: Camden – London, UK LOCATION: Royal College[…]

    Carrer del Marroc in Barcelona has a new bike lane with the new Zebra® | Zero separators from ZICLA.

    PROJECT NAME: Urban development of Carrer del Marroc TOWN/CITY: 22@ Barcelona – Spain LOCATION: Carrer[…]

    The Vigo cycle path continues to grow and already crosses the city from end to end.

    PROJECT NAME: Bike lane project between Teis and Samil CITY: Vigo, Spain LOCATION: Venezuela Street[…]

    A well-connected and safe bike infrastructure in Houston, Texas.

    PROJECT NAME:  Houston’s Bike Plan safe bike infrastructure horizon. CITY:  Houston – Texas LOCATION:  Downtown[…]

    Asphalt art to test new micromobility solutions in Asheville, North Carolina.

    PROJECT NAME:  Public art in Asheville CITY:  Asheville, North Carolina LOCATION:  Coxe Avenue OPENING DATE: […]

    A roundabout in Izegem (Belgium) is dressed in green with ZICLA®’s Zebra® planters.

    PROJECT NAME: Reducing vehicle speed at a roundabout TOWN/CITY: Izegem – Belgium LOCATION: Vijfwegenstraat OPENING[…]

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