Loading Zone Platform near Broadview and Danforth avenues (Toronto).

PROJECT NAME: Loading Zone Platform in Broadview Danforth BIA.
CITY: Toronto, Canadá
LOCATION: Danforth Avenue.
OPENING DATE: April 2021


In 2020, the City of Toronto accelerated a number of new bikeways to connect to trails, essential services, and to mirror major transit routes during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, including Danforth Avenue. At the same time, local businesses have experienced an increase in the number of curb deliveries.

Where there is a bike lane located next to the curb, deliveries can be more complex, and there can be tension between people cycling and those delivering.

Need and project objectives.

The City of Toronto needed to find a solution to enable comfortable and convenient locations for loading and unloading while keeping the bike lane protected and curbside for people cycling and ensuring the solution was clearly defined all user responsibilities.

The proposed solution.

Vectorial bordillosnuevosIn order to achieve the project objectives, the City of Toronto and the Broadview Danforth BIA installed the Vectorial® system platform to create a safe loading zone.





210321 Carril bici integrado plataforma VectorialThe platform has a shared cycle track border configuration, and it is an elevated pedestrian crossing the bike lane. The ramps on both edges ensure people cycling reduce speed when entering the loading zone. At the same time, the platform serves as an accessible loading zone with direct and level access to the curb.