Bellevue (Washington, USA) tests innovative solutions with the Vectorial® system.

PROJECT NAME: Deployment of new bus routes and protected bike lanes throughout the city center
CITY: Bellevue, Washington
LOCATION: 108th Avenue – Downtown Bellevue
OPENING DATE: November 2018


The city of Bellevue, in Washington state, is one of the cities with the highest population growth on the American West Coast. The Department of Transportation of the city faces a series of challenges, such as the improvement of the public transport service and the cycling infrastructure. All this in an environment of constant change and with citizens who demand innovative, sustainable solutions to mobility challenges.

Need and project objectives.

Bellevue is a fast-growing city. The opening of headquarters of major companies in recent years has caused citizens to worry about traffic congestion. Residents showed their desire for investments in alternative modes of transport to the private vehicle.

The city of Bellevue has carried out the deployment of new bus routes and protected bike lanes throughout the city center. These projects are a way to implement and improve the options available to residents.

The extension of the infrastructure for the bicycle caused a problem of coexistence.

The proposed solution.

1Vectorial 4modulosThe installation on 108th Avenue, at the intersection with the Second Avenue of a platform of the ZICLA Vectorial® system has a configuration of 15 meters long and 3.65 meters wide. Its configuration, with an integrated bike lane with access bridge, generates an overpass that allows cycling without the need to dodge stopping buses.

The platform has also helped reduce the amount of time buses need to carry out the stop maneuver, as they do not have to leave the traffic lane and return, with the delays that this entails.

The installation was carried out at night to minimize the impact on traffic.