In the framework of the Spaces for People program, Glasgow City Council has decided to install Zebra® | Planters in Kelvin Way.

PROJECT NAME: Spaces for People program
CITY: Glasgow, UK
LOCATION: Kelvin Way
OPENING DATE: August 2020


Glasgow City Council is implementing new sustainable measures to provide additional space for physical distancing in public places for people to walk, wheel, or cycle while COVID-19 restrictions remain in place.

Need and project objectives.

Fully closed to vehicular traffic since the height of the lockdown as part of the Spaces for People program to enable safer physical distancing from those exercising in and around Kelvingrove Park; the tree-lined thoroughfare has proved very popular with walkers, wheelers, and cyclists.

The proposed solution.

1 planterAs part of a revised road layout, Kelvin Way has seen the introduction of a pop-up cycle lane and the installation of planters among which are the Zebra® | Planters from ZICLA.

Keen to ensure that this space continues to be enjoyed for active travel whilst enabling access for all into the recently re-opened Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, in addition to installing a cycle lane along part of the route, a stretch of Kelvin Way will be re-opened to vehicle traffic.

Vehicles will be directed toward the museum car park entrance when turning off Sauchiehall Street, and won’t be able to progress any further along Kelvin Way. Exit from the museum car park will be via a separate route.

The remainder of Kelvin Way between the museum car park entrance and University Avenue will remain closed to traffic, continuing to be exclusively for walkers, wheelers, and cyclists.