Sibiu Municipality (Romania) improves urban transport to offer a more feasible and cleaner alternative to travel around the city.

PROJECT NAME: Modernization of urban transport in Sibiu
CITY: Sibiu (Romania)
LOCATION: Podului Street
OPENING DATE: October 2021


In the framework of the Regional Operational Programme, the Municipality of Sibiu received European Union’s funds to support its urban transport improvement project. This programme aims to promote smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth in all regions in Romania; to make them more attractive places to live and work. The programme addresses the major development challenges for Romania: regional competitiveness, sustainable urban development, the low-carbon economy, and economic and social infrastructure at a regional and local level.

Need and project objectives.

The project’s main objective is modernizing the utility networks, the road and the sidewalks and the creation of bicycle lanes. In other words, these improvements will allow an increase in the quality and attractiveness of public transport and cycling to offer a more viable and cleaner alternative to travelling around the city.

Regarding the bicycle tracks on Podului Street, they were created on the entire length of the street as follows:

  • A two-way cycle lane from DJ 106 to the brick factory on the left side,
  • A one-way cycle lane on both sides of the street from the factory brick to Calea Gușteriței.


The proposed solution.

Zebra9 ZeroSibiu Municipality was able to arrange a safe and separated cycle lane segregated from other traffic, in both directions, by installing the Zebra®9 | Zero bike lane separators. These separators are manufactured with 100% recycled postconsumer plastic, making it possible for the cities to reduce their environmental footprint.

The Zero line of the Zebra® Family consists of the following separators:


  •     Zebra® 13 | Zero,
  •     Zebra® 9 | Zero.