Source: ZICLA®

New solutions to segregate traffic flow able to host vertical sign posts.

The development of segregated bike lanes located on the road has produced an increase in the demand of bike lane separators in order to protect the cyclists that use these infrastructures. These separators need to be strong enough in order to bear the impacts of the wheels of the cars, as well as the weathering due to open sky.

The conventional bike lane separators allow segregating in a safe way the traffic flow, but, by the moment, they are not able to host neither vertical sign posts nor traffic lights.

Objective of the project.

The objective of the project was to build up a safe segregation between the bike lane and the rest of the road, using modules that at the same time allow hosting vertical sign posts.

The solution: an island built with the modules of the Vectorial® system by ZICLA.

The solution was found by using the main modules and the curbs of the Vectorial® system in order to build up the island. This island allows hosting vertical sign post elements such as traffic lights. This solutions could be adapted to any kind of road and to the requirements of the area.

The island maximizes the safety of the cyclists in the bike lane, thanks to the reflective painting that gives high visibility to the structure, from any perspective.

Minimum environmental impact.

The whole system has been designed in order to minimize its environmental impact and the modules are made of recycled plastic pellets obtained from a variety of plastic waste: recycled PVC waste, electrical cable sheathing, hoses, synthetic textiles, etc. Besides that, the modules of the Vectorial system are 100% recyclable.

The material.

islandThe material that has been used to fabricate these modules is recycled PVC that comes from electrical cable sheathing, hoses, synthetic textiles, etc. This material is very resistant to the open sky so it makes the product highly durable.

This material is used to make pellets and afterwords these pellets are injected in order to obtain the modules of the Vectorial system.


The ecolabel.

islandThe Vectorial® system has the Catalan Ecolabel which is an ecolabeling system that recognizes products and services that exceed certain environmental quality requirements beyond those established as mandatory by current regulations.

The Vectorial® system has got the label in the category of raw materials and recycled plastic products.