The Lisbon City Council is expanding the bike lane network to face the COVID-19 challenge.

PROJECT NAME: ‘Pop up’ bike lanes
CITY: Lisbon, Portugal
LOCATION: Alameda dos Oceanos Norte


The COVID-19 emergency has put into evidence the need for the cities to reconfigure roads and pavements to give back urban space to provide extra space for pedestrians, mobility, wheelchair, and cycle users. The Lisbon City Council is expanding the bike lane network to face the COVID-19 challenge and constructing new pop-up bike lanes. Pop up bike lanes are bike lanes that emerge in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, creating, in an expeditious manner, a structuring cycling network that covers central circulation axes and linking the main centers of work, study, and residence.

Need and project objectives.

Alameda dos Oceanos (north) in Lisbon, despite its local character, is often used as an alternative crossing route to Avenida Dom João II by those who enter Lisbon by IC2 towards the center, which causes congestion that prevents the normal exit of neighborhood residents. On the other hand, the existing road profile, with two wide lanes in each direction, increases excessive speeds, which greatly contributes to the existence of road accidents on that axis.

The proposed solution.

The proposed solution has been the implementation of a bidirectional cycle path through the conversion of a road, next to the central separator. It will take a northbound route between the Rotunda dos Vice-Reis and the Rotunda das Oliveiras and towards the south between the Rotunda das Oliveiras and Rotunda da República da Colombia. In this way, it will be possible to reduce the traffic crossing the interior of the parish, at the entrance to Lisbon from the IC2, as well as to contribute to a reduction in the speed of circulation by narrowing the channel.

As proposed by the Parish Council of Parque das Nações, local accessibility in the parish will be improved with a change to Alameda dos Oceanos, between the Rotunda dos Vice-Reis and the Rotunda República da Argentina, allowing the continuity of the route, maintaining the possibility of cut off of crossing traffic on this section at the weekend, in order to provide greater fluidity of internal mobility in the parish.

zipperBAABThe Zipper ® A | Zero modules painted in green and white segregate the new cycle lane and protect cyclers from the motor vehicles.

The new ‘pop up’ cycle lane will thus give Alameda dos Oceanos more security for all road users, pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists, by redistributing the available space. It will also facilitate the accessibility of the residents of the northern part of the parish to heavy public transport, namely the metro and train stations. It will also connect several of the existing educational establishments in the Parish.