We have been working since 2005 to turn waste into new materials for industry and new products for the market.

We develop projects based on waste and we create products that contribute to efficient, sustainable, friendly business growth.

For us, waste is an opportunity for change.


Zicla Products.

We work to turn cities into safer, more accessible, more welcoming places for people.

We involve all agents associated with the value chain of our products and we look after all the details, from the initial phase to the end of the product life cycle, to offer a full service to our customers.

We are committed to excellence.
  • Zebra ®

    The Zebra system ensures safety for cyclists and other road users.

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  • Vectorial®

    The modular Vectorial platform improves access and safety at bus stops, with no need for works.

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  • Zipper ®

    Modular system for segregating traffic flows formed by two high-visibility pieces with reflective strips.

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Zicla Projects.

Waste as a business opportunity.

We advise businesses and organisations on recovering their waste.

At Zicla we are driven by our social and environmental commitment, which is why we seek a sustainable alternative to turn waste into materials for industry and give it another opportunity.


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    Thousands of tonnes of waste are generated every year, either going to landfill or being burned in incinerators.

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    We work to give this waste value and turn it into business opportunities for companies and recycled products for the market.

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    We analyse the potential of the waste, design its transformation process and identify industrial opportunities and possible applications.

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    We design, develop and manufacture recycled products, taking their life cycle into consideration to minimise their environmental impact and maximise their functionality.

In 2050, 70% of the population will live in cities.

Zicla in figures.

What we have achieved to date.

Since 2005 we have worked to promote waste recycling with local resources.

These are the figures behind our project:
  • 1.265t

    of PVC consumed.

  • 2.315t

    of CO2 emissions prevented.

  • 255km

    of cycle lane protected with Zebra separators.

  • 376

    bus stops accessible with Vectorial platforms.

  • 50

    projects to turn waste into new materials.


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