Zebra®5 in the segregated cycle lanes of the pacified streets of Vilnius (Lithuania).

Traffic pacification and construction of cycle lanes
Vilnius – Lithuania
Inslandijos Gatvé Street
June 2017


The City Council of Vilnius (Lithuania) decided to renovate several streets in the city, reduce vehicle traffic and encourage the use of bicycles.

Project requirements and objectives.

It was necessary to take the opportunity of the renovation of the city streets to:

  • delimit the space for cyclists by constructing segregated cycle lanes integrated into the pacified roadways,
  • give back space to the citizens by making the city more friendly.

The proposed solution.

1 Zebra5The new configuration of Inslandijos Gatvé Street includes the construction of a segregated cycle lane with the ZICLA® Zebra® 5 separators.

This model, the smallest of the three, provides lighter segregation than its older siblings 13 and 9, but in this case it is the best-suited one since this is a pacified roadway with very little traffic.