A pioneering bike lane in Avenida Ricardo Lyon, Providencia – Santiago de Chile.

PROJECT NAME: Bike paths in Santiago de Chile
TOWN/CITY: Providencia – Santiago de Chile – Chile
LOCATION: Avenida Ricardo Lyon


The municipality of Providencia is one of the pioneers of the construction of bike paths in Chile. It works continuously to add to the network, adding more and better bike paths to those already existing in the town, improving their continuity, design and safety and providing better information about them.

Providencia currently has 22.5 km of bike lanes. The busiest are: Parque Uruguay, Pocuro, Ricardo Lyon, Antonio Varas, Bustamante, Marín and Miguel Claro.

Need and project objectives.

One of the basic needs justifying the project was the municipality of Providencia’s commitment to different means of transport coexisting in peace and, at the same time, helping reduce air pollution in the city.

The proposed solution.

The Avenida Lyon bike route runs between Calle Pedro Lautaro Ferrer y Lota and Calle Diego de Velásquez. It occupies the western side of the avenue, making it possible to eliminate 170 car parking spaces. The construction is divided into 12 stretches measuring an average of 2.6 meters wide.

ZICLA bike lane A pioneering bike lane in Avenida Ricardo Lyon, Providencia – Santiago de Chile. 1ZICLA® Zebra® 13separators were used to construct the cycle route with reflective strips and pedestrian crossings separated in blue to distinguish them better.

The Zebra® separator, installed in dozens of cities all over the world, makes it possible to improve road safety and mobility for road users. This line of products has three models varying in height: the Zebra® 13 (13 cm), the Zebra® 9 (9 cm) and the Zebra® 5 (5 cm).

The Zebra® separator is an entirely recyclable product made with recycled plastic. It is highly durable and offers very good visibility. It is also an element for channeling traffic that allows rainwater to flow across it, while cyclists can leave the bike lane whenever necessary.