Source: Frederic Broussard

La Rochelle (France) uses the Zipper® system to redesign Avenue Leclerc.

Project name:Redesign of the cycle path of Avenue Leclerc, La Rochelle, France.
City:La Rochelle, France.
Location:Leclerc Avenue, La Rochelle, France.
Installation date:October 2022.

The Communauté d’Agglomération de La Rochelle, which the city of La Rochelle is a part of, adopted in 2002 a first Master Plan for Bike Lanes to increase the length of the cycle lanes network to 400km by 2030. This measure is part of the strategy to make the Agglomération de La Rochelle the first territory without carbon emissions in France by 2040.

Leclerc Avenue’s bike lane redesign is part of this Master Plan.

Need and objectives of the project.

With the Leclerc Avenue bike lane redesign, the French city seeks to increase the level of segregation of the bike lane and improve the aesthetics of the street since neither the town nor the citizens were satisfied with the elements used previously to protect the bike lane above.

The proposed solution.

ZIPPER Configuraciones BLOG H 1200x627 copia 2
ZIPPER Configuraciones BLOG H 1200x627 copia 3

The municipality of La Rochelle decided to install the AA modules of the Zipper® system in a continued configuration, which allowed them to create a continuous segregation barrier.

The city technicians and bike lane users trusted the strength of the Zipper® system modules’ soundness and reversibility. The result has been the generation of the desired type and level of separation.

With this installation, creating comfortable and safe circulation spaces and deploying connections with other routes was possible.

On the other hand, having a comfortable, safe, and well-connected bicycle infrastructure increases the mobility possibilities for citizens who do not have a car or do not want to use them systematically for short distances.

These actions will help increase the modal cycling rate in La Rochelle, which currently stands at 12%, and will push the city and its surroundings towards its ambitious goal of becoming the first carbon-neutral territory in France in 2040.