Source: ZICLA

Improved accessibility at the bus stops on Calle Mayor de Vallirana (Barcelona).

PROYECT NAME: Reconfiguration of the Calle Mayor.
CITY: Vallirana, Barcelona (Spain)
LOCATION: Calle Mayor (Main Street)
OPENING DATE: October 2021


On November 5th, 2019, the new route of the B-24 road as it passed through Vallirana (Barcelona) was opened to traffic, providing a variant that diverts vehicle traffic outside the center of the municipality. In this way, the Calle Mayor (Main Street), which until that moment gave continuity to the traffic of the B-24 towards Vilafranca del Penedès, became a local road. At that time, the local authorities began to have jurisdiction over that street and began the works for its remodeling.

Need and objectives of the project.

The problem that the local City Council encountered was that the sidewalks of the street were very low. This generated a step too large to access to the buses that made their stops on this street.

Proposed solution.

To solve this problem, the City Council decided to install ZICLA’s 14 cm high Vectorial® system platforms at 10 bus stops. In this way, the step has been eliminated, and now the bus stops are accessible and more comfortable for bus users.

Vectorial® System 14 cm high.

ZICLA accessibility Improved accessibility at the bus stops on Calle Mayor de Vallirana (Barcelona). 1In May 2021, we launched the pieces that make up the Vectorial® system 14 cm high to adapt it to the streets with different characteristics. In many cities, curb heights are less than 14 cm. This situation makes it necessary to have a platform that is lower than the classic 18 cm height to achieve that:



  • Buses can comfortably deploy their ramps to allow wheelchair access.
  • The RAMPS TO SIDEWALK of the platform does not exceed the maximum slopes required by the regulations.