Super customized Vectorial® system installation in Seattle, Washington.

PROJECT NAME:Rainbow Vectorial® system platform installation in Seattle, Washington.
TOWN/CITY:Seattle, Washington.
LOCATION:426 15th Ave E.

Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) crews installed a Vectorial® system platform on the bus stop at the 426 15th Ave E. serving the northbound Route 10.

Need and Project Objectives.

According to the SDOT, the installation of the Vectorial® system bus platforms was planned after receiving “many reports of crowding at this location, which was causing some difficulty for people walking and rolling down the sidewalk.” 

This project is part of the Safe Routes to Schools plan to improve the cycling and walking experience in the area between Lowell Elementary and Meany Middle School. This plan included new bike route markings, improved crosswalks, crossing bulbs, and other enhancements.

In the beginning, the SDOT planned to install a concrete bulb, but, due to issues with the slope at the location, they decided to use the Vectorial® system to adapt to the existing circumstances.

The proposed solution.

ZICLA Vectorial® system Super customized Vectorial® system installation in Seattle, Washington. 1

The Seattle Department of Transportation installed the Vectorial® system on a Floating Island Boarder configuration.

The platform works as a sidewalk extension that provides extra space for the bus stop. This way, it avoids sidewalk congestion, offers a dedicated waiting area for bus users, and improves the accessibility of the street.

In addition, as it is visible, the platform’s colors and the surface can be customized to adapt to the local regulations or the aesthetics of the surroundings. It is the most customized Vectorial® system we have installed to date, with the LGTBIQ flag painted on it. By happy coincidence, it was installed during Pride week.