Quick construction of a roundabout in Ripollet (Barcelona) with Zipper® system.

PROJECT NAME: Construction of a roundabout
CITY: Ripollet (Barcelona) – Spain
LOCATION: Carrer Indústria


Every time traffic on a street is rearranged, an opportunity is created to apply ZICLA solutions. This is what happened in Ripollet (Barcelona) with the reorganization of the circulation of vehicles in Carrer Sant Jaume, in which the passage of vehicles in one of the directions was suppressed and these were diverted along Carrer Indústria. This caused an increase in the flow of vehicles along this street and the need to take measures to regulate traffic.

Need and project objectives.

One of the basic needs that justified the project was to organize and regulate traffic on Carrer Indústria caused by making it one-way.

The proposed solution.

The solution proposed by Ripollet Town council was the construction of a roundabout 7.5 meters in diameter composed of 69 modules A of the Zipper® system.

ZICLA Zipper® System Quick construction of a roundabout in Ripollet (Barcelona) with Zipper® system. 1The construction was very simple and economical, and the 69 modules were installed in less than four hours. The main characteristics of the Zipper® system are:

  1. It adapts to any type of road, particularly avenues.
  2. It is very visible because in its modules almost 50% of the surface is reflective.
  3. Its modules are manufactured with recycled plastic and are recyclable so their environmental impact is minimal; it is an ecodesigned product.
  4. It is competitive because projects can be implemented quickly, with minimal intervention in the public thoroughfare.
  5. Its modules are very resistant to impact and weather and they have four anchor points in the road surface.
  6. It is customizable, as the modules can be painted in different colors.


A clear example of a quick-build project.

The added merit of this project is the fact that it has not required civil engineering and that if traffic were reordered differently, the roundabout could be quickly dismantled. Our solutions are specially suitable for quick-build projects.