Sant Feliu de Llobregat grows in sustainability by expanding its network of cycle paths.

PROJECT NAME: Renovation of Calle del Sol
CITY: Sant Feliu de Llobregat (Barcelona – Spain)
LOCATION: Calle del sol
OPENING DATE: August 2018


Currently, Sant Feliu has a bike lane network of about 8 km in length. Over the next few years, it is expected that this infrastructure can be extended to 13 km. The improvement of the city’s bike lane network will be an important step towards a new urban and mobility model. This new model aims to turn Sant Feliu into a more sustainable city where public transport and clean transport such as bicycles and scooters, have a prominent role, guaranteeing the safety of users.

Need and project objectives.

The project to reorder Calle del Sol aimed to order traffic effectively and attractively, extend the network of bike lanes, and bet on flexible solutions that adapted to the needs of each moment.

The proposed solution.

On Calle del Sol, it was decided to build a new bike path and for its segregation modules, A and B of the Zipper® system were used. This system is modular and its modules can be installed continuously or discontinuously, allowing multiple configurations to be built.

ZICLA sistema Zipper Sant Feliu de Llobregat grows in sustainability by expanding its network of cycle paths. 1The main characteristics of the Zipper® system are:

  1. It adapts to any type of road, particularly avenues.
  2. It is very visible because in its modules almost 50% of the surface is reflective.
  3. Its modules are manufactured with recycled plastic and are recyclable so their environmental impact is minimal; it is an eco-designed product.
  4. It is competitive because projects can be implemented quickly, with minimal intervention in the public thoroughfare.
  5. Its modules are very resistant to impact and weather and they have four anchor points in the road surface.
  6. It is customizable, as the modules can be painted in different colors.