Royal College Street cycle tracks in Camden (London) use Zebra® separators to protect cyclists from motorized traffic.

PROJECT NAME: Royal College Street cycling scheme
TOWN/CITY: Camden – London, UK
LOCATION: Royal College Street


Before the works, Royal College Street, in the London Borough of Camden, had a two-way cycle lane on one side of the street, which was curb-separated from the one-way carriageway. This area was known for its high rate of traffic accidents.

Need and project objectives.

Royal College Street was a one-way street with a segregated cycling facility. Residents in the area had highlighted concerns about traffic speeds and road safety. Between 2010 and 2013, there were 15 accidents in this street involving cyclists. In response, Camden Council worked on a redesign plan.

The proposed solution.

1 Zebra9This consisted of the installation of Zebra® 9 separators alongside Royal College Street to segregate the cycle lanes on each side of the road from the rest of the traffic. The main advantage of the new configuration is that it reduces the number of injuries to cyclists thanks to the physical barrier provided by the separators.

Zebra® separators, installed in dozens of cities around the world, improve road safety and mobility for road users. This product family has three separator models varying in height: Zebra® 13 (5 1/8 in.), Zebra® 9 (3 35/64 in.) and Zebra® 5 (1 31/32 in.).

The Zebra® separators are an entirely recyclable product made with recycled plastic. They are highly durable offering very good visibility. They are also an element for channeling traffic allowing rainwater to flow across them, while cyclists can leave the bike lane whenever necessary.