Rainbow colors brighten Ripollet’s bike lanes (Barcelona).

PROJECT NAME: Bike lane alteration and renovation 
TOWN/CITY: Ripollet-Barcelona
LOCATION: Avinguda de María Torras


Ripollet has a network of bike lanes connecting different points in the town and linking it to other places, such as Montcada.

Need and project objectives.

But the town’s bike lanes had not been repainted for ten years. Damaged separators also needed replacing and new ones installing. The town council knew cyclists and pedestrians could be in danger if these lanes were not properly signed or painted.

The proposed solution.

ZICLA Rainbow colors brighten Ripollet’s bike lanes (Barcelona). 1The alterations to this stretch of bike lane included repainting the lane’s horizontal signing and replacing damaged separators. The stretch was segregated with A and B modules of ZICLA’s Zipper® system.

The features of the Zipper® system mean each module can be customized with different colors. Ripollet City Council made use of this feature and chose rainbow colors as a way of commemorating the day against LGBTI-phobia.