Cork City Council extended the MacCurtain Street sidewalks to boost social distancing.

PROJECT NAME: Extension of the MacCurtain Street sidewalks
CITY: Cork, Ireland
LOCATION: MacCurtain Street
OPENING DATE: October 2020


MacCurtain Street is a busy street full of shops, bars, and restaurants. Like in many other streets over the World, parts of the sidewalk have been converted into space for outdoor dining. Many commerce and restaurant owners set up marquees, seating, stalls, etc. to keep retailing and restaurants alive.

Need and project objectives.

In these times where social distancing is a must Cork City Council decided to give back public space to its citizens in a fast, simple, and economic way, and with a small environmental footprint.

The proposed solution.

200123 Vectorial Olympia WashingtonTherefore, Cork City Council installed several platforms of the Vectorial® system from ZICLA. They have a total length of over 200 m and it allows pedestrians to get around the city safely while boosting social distancing and allowing local merchants to continue operating.





Pittman Traffic, ZICLA’s distributor in Ireland, got great feedback from some businesses impacted by the installation of the Vectorial® system. For instance, Jim Kelsey from Crust cafe said-

“The new Vectorial® footpath system has helped boost my business, specifically for reopening after lockdown. It has got a great grip and ideal for outdoor dining facilities”.