Dublin City Council facilitates social distancing by widening the pavements at bus stops with the Vectorial® system.

PROJECT NAME: Widening of the pavement at bus stops
CITY: Dublin, Ireland
LOCATION: North Circular Road near Hanlons Corner


In many cities the pavements are very narrow, and their extension is either not possible or is part of an integral urban renewal of the place. In other cases, cities need to expand pavements in very specific areas like bus stops where at certain times the flow of people is very high and where permanent works are not justified. In these cases, cities look for semi-permanent and economic solutions that can be quickly dismantled if the bus stop location changes.

Need and project objectives.

The COVID-19 emergency has put into evidence the need to reconfigure roads and pavements to give back urban space to provide extra space for pedestrians, mobility, wheelchair, and cycle users.  The Dublin City Council was especially concerned for the bus stop located on the North Circular Road near Hanlons Corner which is a well-known and important thoroughfare on the northside of Dublin. At this place, the sidewalk is too narrow and it can be tight to pass if people are queuing / waiting for a bus. The City Council’s principal objective was to aid in the facilitation of social distancing by widening the pavement

The proposed solution.

200123 Vectorial Olympia WashingtonThe proposed solution has been the installation of a Vectorial® system bus boarder platform at the bus stop located on  North Circular Road near Hanlons Corner. For these cases, the ZICLA’s Vectorial® system is an optimal solution as it allows to expand sidewalks quickly and economically because it avoids the need for permanent works  through the construction of modular platforms. These platforms are installed and uninstalled very quickly and easily, with minimal intervention on the public road, so the road quickly recovers its original use when uninstalled.