Temporary extension of sidewalks with ZICLA’s Vectorial® system.

PROJECT NAME: Temporary extension of sidewalks
CITY: Barcelona, Spain
LOCATION: París Street 192-198


In the old neighborhoods of many cities, the sidewalks are very narrow and their extension is either not possible or is part of a complete urban renewal of the place. In other cases, the narrowing of the sidewalk may be due, for example, to the construction or rehabilitation of buildings that require scaffolding to occupy the sidewalk and reduce the free space available for pedestrians. In other cases, cities need to expand sidewalks in very specific areas where at certain times the flow of people is very high and where permanent civil works are not justified.

Need and project objectives.

The refurbishment of a building on 192-198 Paris Street in Barcelona forced scaffolding on the sidewalk. This made it necessary to look for a quick, safe, and economical way to temporarily expand the sidewalk by occupying part of the road while the works last.

The proposed solution.

ZICLA Vectorial system Temporary extension of sidewalks with ZICLA’s Vectorial® system. 1The proposed solution has consisted of the assembly of a platform of the Vectorial® system. These platforms are installed and uninstalled very quickly and easily, with minimal intervention on the public road. This system allows the impact on the track to be minimal so that when such platforms are uninstalled, the track quickly recovers its original use. Once the works are completed and the sidewalk space is recovered, these platforms can be quickly dismantled and their components can be reused for the construction of other platforms in the city.