Mendoza (Argentina) with its bike paths joins the big cities that bet on the bicycle.

PROJECT NAME: Construction of a bike lane network
CITY: Mendoza, Argentina
LOCATION: General Manuel Belgrano Avenue


Mendoza joins the league of cities that are betting in a clear and decided way on the bicycle as a healthy mode of transport in the city. Like Barcelona, Buenos Aires, London, Houston and dozens of cities in the world, the city of Mendoza has begun to develop a large network of bike paths that connect its neighborhoods between and those of this Argentine capital with the departments of its metropolitan area.

Need and objective of the project.

Mendoza is a city that enjoys a sunny climate most of the year and with gentle slopes that make it very suitable for cycling. One of the basic needs of the Municipality of Mendoza that justified the project was the search for economic, sustainable, and healthy connectivity that would not only serve citizens to move, but also to play sports. It is to facilitate the enjoyment of the city of Mendoza by cycling.

The proposed solution.

ZICLA Zebra family Mendoza (Argentina) with its bike paths joins the big cities that bet on the bicycle. 1The city’s bike lanes have been segregated from the rest of the road traffic with ZICLA’s Zebra® 9 separators. Installed in dozens of cities around the world, the Zebraseparator improves road safety and the mobility of road users. This product line features three models that vary in their height: the Zebra® 13 (13cm), the Zebra® 9 (9cm) and the Zebra® 5 (5 cm). The Zebra® separator is a product made of recycled plastic, fully recyclable, long-lasting, and offers great visibility. It is also a traffic channeling element, which allows the transverse flow of rainwater and the cyclist’s exit from the cycle path in case of need.