Dublin City provides additional outdoor seating & accessories for the 2021 summer.

PROJECT NAME: Outdoor Seating & Accessories for Tourism & Hospitality Business
CITY: Dublin, Ireland
LOCATION: Bloomfield Avenue

The consequences of Covid-19 have been felt right across Dublin. Successive lockdowns have taken their toll on the economic, social, and cultural heartbeat of the city.

Need and project objectives.

However, as restrictions were beginning to ease, Dublin City Council has been committed to facilitating an integrated response to a sustainable city recovery. By working with key stakeholders and concentrating their services to address relevant  issues within the city, they aim to the long-term recovery the city needs.

A host of proactive measures are aimed to ensure the economic, social, and cultural life force of the city returns once again. Indeed, the focus of this scheme is to provide a level of financial support to tourism and hospitality businesses in Dublin City, to purchase or upgrade equipment to provide additional outdoor seating and, therefore, increase their outdoor dining capacity for the summer of 2021. All outdoor dining facilities are subjected to a minimum footpath clearance of 2m (1.8m in select locations). To ensure that the city remains accessible to all.

The proposed solution.

ZICLA planters Dublin City provides additional outdoor seating & accessories for the 2021 summer. 1For several places in the city, Dublin City Council has been working with businesses to reallocate road space to accommodate outdoor dining, looking for a solution that needed to:

  • Be temporary and removable easily.
  • Be quick to install due to the high number of facilities they had to install.
  • Provide reflectivity.
  • Provide some protection & awareness to vehicles.
  • Provide height to avoid a trip hazard.
  • Look better than bollards.

For all these reasons, they decided to install the Zebra® | Planters, made with 100% recycled plastic. Moreover, these solutions last a long time and are fully recyclable. Finally, the plants require minimal watering, as the planter has an integrated seven-liter water tank.