Source: ZICLA.

On Barcelona’s Avenida Albert Bastardas, the urban space is evenly distributed between different modes of transport.

PROJECT NAME: Bike lane of Albert Bastardas Avenue
CITY: Barcelona, Spain
LOCATION: Albert Bastardas Avenue
OPENING DATE: April 2018


Barcelona is adapting its urban space to distribute it more evenly between the different modes of transport, opening up traffic spaces for bicycles, improving the bus network, and giving priority to people traveling on foot, with the extension of sidewalks and the pacification of streets that offer comfort and safety. The expansion of the bike lane network is one of the star measures of the Barcelona City Council to achieve this adaptation. The ultimate goal is to increase the kilometers of bike lane substantially so that 95% of the city’s population has at least one bike lane less than 300 meters away from their home.

Project need and objectives.

The avenue Albert Bastardas is an important road of the city of Barcelona that connects the avenue Diagonal with the avenue of Manuel Azaña, skirting the Real Club de Polo of this city. This area lacked the infrastructure to travel safely by bicycle, which led the City Council to intervene in this corridor.

The proposed solution.

zipperBAABThe proposed solution was the construction of a bike path through the middle of the driveway, segregated with the modules of the Zipper® system. The Zipper® system is modular and its modules can be installed continuously or discontinuously, allowing multiple configurations to be built. In this case, a configuration was chosen to consist of sets of two Zipper® A modules, with a 1.3-meter separation between them.


200123 Vectorial Olympia WashingtonSimilarly, at the intersection of Albert Bastardas Avenue and General Batet Street, parts of the Vectorial® system of ZICLA were used to construct an islet to protect a traffic light. Thanks to its modularity, the pieces of the Vectorial® system allow the creation of various configurations, such as the islet that was built for this project. This islet makes it possible to integrate elements such as traffic lights so that they are protected from the impacts of vehicles on the road.