A roundabout in Izegem (Belgium) is dressed in green with ZICLA®’s Zebra® planters.

PROJECT NAME: Reducing vehicle speed at a roundabout
TOWN/CITY: Izegem – Belgium
LOCATION: Vijfwegenstraat


Reducing vehicle traffic speed at roundabouts is a key element in all road safety strategies. Towns and cities are seeking to calm the traffic in their streets in attractive, effective ways with a commitment to flexible solutions suited to the needs of each project.

Need and project objectives.

Vijfwegenstraat is one of the main roads in the town of Izegem in Belgium as it connects the railway station to important public services, crossing it from north to south.

Excess speed was one of the biggest problems in this street. In 2015, Izegem Town Council installed New Jersey barriers to eliminate one of the two access lanes to one of the roundabouts in this street in order to reduce vehicle speed and improve safety for all street users.

The visual ugliness of the concrete items installed and their poor visibility made the heads of the Department of Transportation seek a more attractive solution that would improve visibility in this area.

The proposed solution.

ZICLA A roundabout in Izegem (Belgium) is dressed in green with ZICLA®'s Zebra® planters. 1Finally, in 2017, Izegem Town Council removed the New Jersey barriers and chose to install 40 ZICLA®  Zebra® family planter units.This planter fulfils the function of segregating traffic flows, but it has also been designed to decorate public space.Its retro-reflective strips make it highly visible in urban environments.

Zebra® planter is a product made with recycled plastic. It lasts a long time and is fully recyclable. The plants require minimal watering, as the planter has an integrated seven-liter water tank.