The Vigo cycle path continues to grow and already crosses the city from end to end.

PROJECT NAME: Bike lane project between Teis and Samil
CITY: Vigo, Spain
LOCATION: Venezuela Street


Vigo is fully committed to the promotion of sustainable mobility and the use of bicycles and scooters for daily travel in the city centre. This is an ambitious project that seeks to connect the city from one end to the other with bike paths.

Need and objectives of the project.

The promotion of sustainable mobility and the use of bicycles as a regular means of travel through the city requires that the city has a network of well-interconnected and protected cycle lanes. It is about providing safety and comfort to citizens so that they are enthusiastic and ready to transform the bicycle into their usual means of transport. It also seeks to generate economic activity since experience shows that where there is a cycle path, businesses and coffee shops flourish. This is because it is easier to get to the place by bike since doing it by car involves finding parking and often having to pay for it.

Proposed solution.

The proposed solution for this second section of the bike lane has been the construction of a bike lane on the road segregated and protected by the ZICLA Zebra® separator.

1 Zebra9The Zebra® separator allows improving road safety and the mobility of road users. It is a product made of diverse recycled plastics, fully recyclable, long-lasting, and offers great visibility thanks to its retro-reflective bands. It also allows the transverse flow of rainwater and the cyclist’s exit from the cycle path in case of need. The Zebra family has three models that are basically distinguished by their height: Zebra® 13 (13 cm), Zebra® 9 (9 cm), and Zebra® 5 (5 cm).

Today, the Zebraseparator has been installed in several Galician cities and in more than a hundred cities around the world.