Source: Ad Hoc industries.

Chelsea Flower Walk and the Vectorial® system bus platform.

Project name:The Vectorial® system into the Flower Walk project by ITDP. Chelsea, MA.
City:Chelsea, Massachusetts. USA
Location:Broadway & 3rd.
Installation date:August 2023.

The Boston area’s bus system stands at a turning point, requiring increased investment, resources, and innovation to ensure the provision of essential transportation services to the communities reliant on this network. Initiatives such as Flower Walk, characterized by its pilot nature, collaborative approach, and dynamic features, hold substantial potential to transform public transportation into a far more appealing choice for current and potential users.

Project requirements.

This project encompassed a range of diverse requirements.

On the one hand, it needed to meet the standards set for the Boston Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system bus stop, which mandated specific criteria. Among these standards, achieving level boarding is essential. Boarding had to be quick, easy, and compliant with accessibility guidelines.

On the other hand, the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP), who led the project, sought a blank canvas for the Flower Walk initiative, a collaborative effort involving local artists, community organizations, and design teams. The aim was to revitalize the bus stop with artistic installations. Integrating high-quality art into bus stops, city vehicles, and urban streets offered an opportunity to enhance the public transportation user experience, making each journey a unique and engaging one.

Lastly, the Broadway & 3rd stop, located in Chelsea, witnessed high passenger traffic, leading to unexpected delays, and longer waiting times. In response, the intervention expanded the waiting area, alleviating sidewalk congestion and improving overall comfort.

Proposed solution.

The ITDP, in collaboration with the Chelsea Department of Public Works and Ad Hoc Industries, opted for the Vectorial® system to meet the comprehensive project requirements. They successfully installed an 80 ft boarding bus platform, significantly enhancing the speed and accessibility of the bus boarding process, especially for individuals with disabilities, children, and their caregivers.

vectorial system chelsea
Vectorial system platform as an extension of the sidewalk.

One of the key points for choosing the Vectorial® system was its versatility, which was essential to seamlessly incorporate the artistic design envisioned by Ad Hoc Industries and La Colaborativa into the bus stop. Additionally, the system’s quick and straightforward installation process was another advantage. The installation phase of the project was held in just three days.

flower wlak chelsea
Boston BRT
Vectorial system
Source: Ad Hoc industries.

To further enhance the bus waiting area, an ergonomic bench, and native trees were added. These served as decorative elements, provided much-needed shade on hot days, and ensured a more comfortable waiting experience.

Furthermore, the guidance and support our technical team provided guaranteed the project’s successful implementation from the beginning to the end. This collaborative approach ensured the project met all its requirements and delivered a high-quality result.