The City Council of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat expands its network of bike paths and reuses a platform of the Vectorial® system.

PROJECT NAME: Expansion of the cycle path network
CITY: L’Hospitalet de Llobregat – Barcelona (Spain)
LOCATION: Tarradellas Avenue
OPENING DATE: September 2020


The City Council of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat has begun the implementation of the so-called basic cyclable network that will run along the main horizontal and vertical axes of the city. With this action, the network will be completed that will allow connecting in a complete, continuous, and safe way the journeys by bike through the city. The action is part of the measures taken by the City Council in the public space due to the health emergency caused by the Covid-19 and with the added purpose of promoting sustainable mobility.

Need and project objectives.

The new bike path that runs through a stretch of Josep Tarradelles Av. does it parallel to the bus lane and is on his way with a bus stop in which in 2009 a platform of the ZICLA’s Vectorial® system had been installed to make it accessible. This situation generated a conflict between the bike path and the bus stop that the project had to resolve.

The proposed solution.

201111 Configuraciones sistema VectorialTo resolve the conflict generated between the bike path and the bus stop, the City council has decided to dismantle the old bus boarder platform of the Vectorial® of ZICLA and to reuse the pieces in order to construct a new platform with a different configuration in which the bike path runs on the own platform as it can be seen in the image. With this solution, on the one hand, the accessibility to the bus at the stop is preserved, and on the other the conflict between bus users and cyclists who must share a space in which the pedestrian has priority.

200123 Vectorial Olympia WashingtonThe dismantling of the old platform and the assembly of the new platform using the same pieces and adding the necessary new ones has been possible to realize quickly and at a very low-cost thanks to the modularity and versatility of the Vectorial® system.