Source: ZICLA

The Vectorial® system platforms and Zipper® system modules provide safety in the reconfiguration of Carrer Narcís Monturiol in Sant Just Desvern.

PROJECT NAME:Bike lane connecting the Sud and Mas Lluí neighborhoods of Sant Just Desvern.
CITY:Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona.
LOCATION:Carrer Narcís Monturiol, Sant Just Desvern.

The bike lane has been constructed in Carrer Ponce de León as part of the project to connect the Sud and Mas Lluí neighborhoods and Sant Just Desvern Town Council’s project to expand its bike lane network.

Previously, this street was intended entirely for vehicle traffic from the Sudoest industrial estate, with two-way lanes 7 m wide, roadside parking, and two sidewalks about 3 meters wide, like most of the streets on this industrial estate.

Need and aims of the project.

The aim of this project was to construct a bike lane on Carrer Ponce de León, between Avinguda Riera and Carrer Narcís Monturiol. In this section, the bike lane connects the secondary and basic network of municipal bike lanes, and also runs between the Sud and Maslluí neighborhoods.

The project also sought to maximize road safety benefits and ensure pedestrians and cyclists could coexist at the bus stops coinciding with the bike lane, all with minimum investment.

Proposed solution.

Zipper AA 01 V2 1 1024x512 1

To minimize the investment, the two existing sidewalks were maintained, improving their paving in the most deficient sections. A bike lane was built on the road that runs alongside the sidewalk. It is two-way and is protected from motor vehicles by a 70 cm wide strip using Zipper® system modules in the AA configuration.

In addition, two Vectorial® system platforms were installed in the locations where the bike path coincided with a bus stop. Both platforms have an integrated bike lane and one of them has an access bridge. In this way, the accessibility of the bus stop and the safety of both bus users and bike lane users is ensured.

sistema vectorial
Platform with integrated cycle lane.
Vectorial03 Cam02 V1
Platform with access bridge and integrated cycle path.

Both the Zipper® system and the Vectorial® system make it possible to improve safety and accessibility on the streets in a quick, simple, economical way, so both products meet this project’s needs perfectly.