ZICLA is going to be present in Traffex 2017 to present the Zipper® system.

31 Mar, 2017 | NEWS | 0 comments

ZICLA zipper system ZICLA is going to be present in Traffex 2017 to present the Zipper® system. 1From April 4th  to 7th  in Birmingham, UK, it will be celebrated one of the most important trade fairs in Europe on the transportation, highway and traffic industry. More than 350 exhibitors will be present during these days, where will be discussed, among other things, the new challenges faced by national and local transportation agencies. Likewise, it will be discussed the investment in local infrastructure, mobility as a service or management, and street planning.

Traffex 2017 is going to be the official site of the Zipper® system by Zicla; the new modular element to segregate traffic, designed and developed for the British market.

With the emergence of new market practices, it has become essential to share the road space and look for new ways to distribute the bike lanes and manage the parking spaces in a safe and effective way. This is one of the problems that typically concern the people in charge of infrastructure and transportation. As a result, Traffex dedicates time to the presentation of new products that convey innovation in the transport and security field.

Visitors to the fair include representatives from the UK government from innovation areas and motorways, or technicians from different counties such as York, Sussex and Hampshire.


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