City of Charlotte, NC, installation of Vectorial® system.

    24 Nov, 2019 I Category: CITY

    The city of Charlotte, NC, is the latest addition to the list of US cities[…]

    Some municipalities adapt the bus stops with the VECTORIAL® system quickly and easily to needs of the new bus fleet.

    11 Sep, 2019 I Category: TOPICAL

    The Barcelona Metropolitan Area has expanded its bus fleet with electric and hybrid vehicles. Some[…]

    • diagnostic d’accessibilité

    In Barcelona, citizens with disabilities are in charge of the accessibility diagnosis.

    4 Feb, 2018 I Category: TOPICAL

    The 8.13% of the citizens of Barcelona (132,133 citizens) have some type of disability. 54%[…]

    • taking the bus better than taking the car

    Why is taking the bus better than taking the car. There are many reasons!

    2 Nov, 2017 I Category: TOPICAL

    Everyone likes the convenience of travelling by car, but our freedom to use our own[…]

    • sustainable transport

    Why sustainable transport is important. Keys to know

    12 Oct, 2017 I Category: TOPICAL

    In 1901, the future looked bright for the newly arrived automobile. Racing driver Henri Fournier[…]

    • cities of the future

    Urban Mobility Lessons for Cities of the Future.

    3 Jun, 2017 I Category: OPINION

    A good city has to have a reliable transport system. With growing population and increasing[…]

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