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Success cases of interim urban planning projects with the Vectorial® system

2 Mar, 2024 | City, NEWS | 0 comments

Interim urban planning projects create a reversible space capable of transforming itself to offer a new use, adapting to the needs of citizens, sporadic events, or temporary activities, and returning to normality without leaving a trace and without needing the space to be restored.

At ZICLA, we believe in resilient cities in constant evolution, so our solutions are designed to adapt to their needs and are reversible. Our Vectorial® system is easy to install, uninstall, transport, store, configure, and reconfigure.

Interim urban planning projects at ZICLA

An example of this is the installations we have carried out in various cities worldwide.

1. Installation and uninstallation of a bus platform for the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

ZICLA interim urban planning Success cases of interim urban planning projects with the Vectorial® system 1
Source: ZICLA.

In 2023, within the framework of the Mobile World Congress, the Ajuntament de Barcelona and Fira Barcelona needed to quickly improve the accessibility and safety of a bus stop near the congress venue located on Paseo de la Zona Franca.

For this purpose, a platform from the Vectorial® system with an access bridge and integrated bike lane was installed. It is worth noting that this project was executed in less than a month, from detecting the site’s issues to installing the Vectorial® platform. After the event, the platform was uninstalled and stored for reuse in future events.

2. Reinstallation of a platform to ensure accessibility at the Lens train station.

ZICLA interim urban planning Success cases of interim urban planning projects with the Vectorial® system 3
Source: Urbanéo.

In late 2021, construction work at the SNCF station in Lens, France, canceled several nearby bus stops. Due to the significant number of daily commuters relying on these stops, a large stop that could serve the affected lines for two years was needed.

This situation called for a solution ensuring accessibility and the ability to be removed once the planned construction works concluded. The technicians from the city of Lens decided to install a large-sized platform by repurposing modules from the Vectorial® system of a bus platform previously used in another project of the town of Reims, which were currently stored. It allowed for the expansion of the bus platform, adapting it to the dimensions of the new project.

3. Interim installation at the bus station in Toulouse

solutions d'accessibilité
Source: ZICLA.

This temporary project utilizes the Vectorial® system from ZICLA, as the complete remodeling of the station is planned for 2026. Therefore, adapting to this temporality was one of the most important factors to consider in the project’s execution. When these platforms are disassembled, their pieces can be repurposed to construct new platforms in other locations. Reversibility and the potential for reuse of Vectorial® system components are two of its most essential characteristics.

Cities are constantly transforming to adapt to the demands and needs of citizens, major sporting events, music festivals, or conferences and fairs. For this purpose, they require temporary solutions that can be quickly implemented to enhance urban mobility.


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