ZICLA launches the Zipper® system to segregate traffic flows and bike lanes.

3 Mar, 2017 | City | 0 comments

Zipper® is a modular system for segregating traffic flows into cities made up of two pieces highly visible. It has been specially designed to segregate bike lanes and maximize the safety of cyclists.

The Zipper® system is the result of an eco-innovation project promoted by ZICLA and it is born due to the need to transform cities in a short time and at a low cost; Zipper® allows you to undertake projects quickly and economically.

Zipper® is a flexible system  that can be adapted very easily to quick urban and mobility changes  and its parts adapt to any type of road. The whole system is designed to minimize the environmental impact and its modules are made from recycled and recyclable materials. It is designed to provide great visibility and thus maximizes safety on the bike lane and on the tracks in which it is installed.

Zipper® System in the segregation of the bike lanes of the city.

One of the functions of the Zipper® system is the segregation of bike lanes in cities. Zipper® system maximizes cyclist safety on the bike lane thanks to its original, sturdy design and retro-reflective sheeting. The application of the retro-reflective films on all faces increases the visibility from any visible angle; these sheets are also customizable.

The most outstanding features of the Zipper System are:

ZICLA cycle lane ZICLA launches the Zipper® system to segregate traffic flows and bike lanes. 1

  • It is manufactured in the European Union with 100% recycled and recyclable plastic, a material that is an excellent shock absorber.
  • It allows a flexible layout on the roadway to generate continuous or discontinuous segregation.
  • Maximizes the safety belt for cyclists.
  • It has four fixing points to the pavement.
  • It is highly resistant to shock and weather.
  • Its price is more competitive than other systems of segregation of bike lanes because it does not require significant works in the public highway.
  • Its design is protected: Ohim: 003654680-0001 / 0002.



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