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The reinstallation process for temporary urban planning projects with the Vectorial® system.

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Temporary urban planning projects create a reversible space capable of being transformed to meet the needs of citizens, sporadic events, or temporary activities and then returning to normality without leaving a trace or needing space restoration.

At ZICLA, we advocate for resilient, constantly evolving cities. Therefore, our solutions are designed to adapt to their needs and prioritize reversibility. Our Zipper® and Vectorial® systems, along with our Zebra Family®, are easy to install, uninstall, transport, store, configure, and reconfigure.

Here are the steps to use our Vectorial® system successfully in your reversible project.

First installation:

ZICLA temporary urbanism The reinstallation process for temporary urban planning projects with the Vectorial® system. 1
Source: ZICLA.

Once you acquire a Vectorial® system platform, our technical-commercial team will guide you through installation. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Follow the recommendations in our Guide and Installation Manual to achieve efficient, safe, and successful installation.
  2. Contact our technical-commercial team to resolve any doubts you may have. We are always ready to answer your queries, as correctly installing the chosen solution is essential to maximizing its lifespan.
  3. You can arrange for our technical-commercial team to accompany you during installation if necessary.


ZICLA temporary urbanism The reinstallation process for temporary urban planning projects with the Vectorial® system. 3
Source: ZICLA.

When the issue of the original location has been resolved, the Vectorial® system platform can be uninstalled, and its components can be easily reused elsewhere or stored for a future project.

4. Before proceeding with the uninstallation, we recommend referring to Annex 8 to check the modules’ status.

5. We recommend using Annex 7 of the Guide and Installation Manual to uninstall the modules of the Vectorial® system platform.

6. If you need to store the platform modules once uninstalled, you can download Annex 10 to learn how to do it correctly.

Reinstallation of the solution in another location:

Have you identified another location where you need to install a Vectorial® system platform?

7. Visit the location where the need has been identified. You can propose and visualize the solution using our Augmented Reality tool.

Source: ZICLA.

8. Contact our technical sales team to evaluate the new project and propose a new installation.

9. Reinstall the Vectorial® system platform following the Guide and Installation Manual and the new anchoring plan, and always seek guidance from our technical-commercial team.

10. You will now have your platform installed again in a new location.

Today’s cities are constantly transforming to adapt to current needs. Several cities have carried out reversible projects with our products. We invite you to check out these success stories.


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