ZICLA products in the Transit Street Design Guide of NACTO.

13 Jan, 2017 | ZICLA IN THE MEDIA | 0 comments

170113_NACTO-Transit-street-design-guidePeople all over the world prefer to live, work, and play in walkable cities, and cities are prioritizing highly productive modes like transit as the key to efficient, sustainable mobility for growing urban populations. Streets are being redefined as places which not only keep buses and cars moving but also include bicycles and parklets for citizens. Cities are extending light rail systems, constructing cycle lanes networks, investing in streetcar lines, and creating new rapid bus lines with accessible bus stops.

At the heart of these changes there is a new generation of sustainable urban products which fullfil the cities’ needs.

NACTO has published the Transit Street Design Guide which includes two wellknown ZICLA products: the cycle lane separator Zebra (page 137) among the separation elements to be used in segregated cycle lanes and the modular platform (page 71) which creates an interim boarding bulb among the boarding bus stop configurations.

About NACTO.

The National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) is a non-profit association that represents large cities on transportation issues of local, regional and national significance of the United States of America. NACTO views the transportation departments of major cities as effective and necessary partners in regional and national transportation efforts, promoting their interests in federal decision-making. They facilitate the exchange of transportation ideas, insights and best practices among large cities, while fostering a cooperative approach to key issues facing cities and metropolitan areas. As a coalition of city transportation departments, NACTO is committed to raising the state of the practice for street design and transportation by building a common vision, sharing data, peer-to-peer exchange in workshops and conferences, and regular communication among member cities.



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