How to fix the brakes on a bike

Cities are facing a diversification on the methods of transportation chosen by their inhabitants. It seems that motored vehicles will not be the only players anymore; bicycles are gaining power among the preferences of daily commuters due to their sustainability and because they are an economic way of transportation.

In fact, big cities are promoting the use of the bicycle and public transportation by setting economic restrictions to the private car users, so it can be said that using the bike or the public transportation are a way not only for promoting the sustainable mobility of the cities, but also a good way to save some money of parking fees or tolls at the entrance of big cities. Moreover, the maintenance of a bicycle is much cheaper than maintaining a car.

Despite bicycles seems much more fragile and this make us to think that more maintenance is needed, that it is not always true and in any case changing or repairing a piece of your bike will be easier and cheaper than changing a part of your car, in addition in most of the cases you can do it by your own, while to repair a car generally you will need a professional.

As we know, the way of driving on a city is very different from the way we drive in long distances. Generally, in the cities we use to drive more aggressively, continuously accelerating and slowing down. That is way it is so important to check out if your vehicle is in good conditions or not.

Brakes are maybe the part of the vehicles that gets damaged more easily and at the same time the part that you can take care of very easily. I am going to provide you with some easy tips to take care of the brakes of your bikes; however you can find a lot of websites with very detailed information about it.

Check the brake pads: in order to work effectively there should be at least 0.6cm of rubber between the clam and the tire when the caliper is engaged to brake the bike.
Check the cables: make sure that the cable moves when squeezing the brake. If it does not, you may have the cable stuck in the housing, or you may lose the clamp I the handle.

Make sure the caliper moves when the cable pulls on it. The cable at the brake handle and the caliper need to move, otherwise the cable may be broken inside the cable housing, so you will need to replace the cable housing.

Watch the caliper to make sure both sides champ against bike wheel. If one side is stuck, you may find that only one pad is engaging the wheel, and this will not give you effective braking. You may need to loosen the bolts that hold the caliper on the bike, and work it in and out to free up the mechanisms. Some goof light machine oil will help keep these moving parts lubricated.

You can take your bike to a professional or you can do it yourself because you will not need any special tool for doing so. Moreover, this process will not produce any polluting gas or anything.

So this article has been written to give the reader a new reason why the use of the bicycle helps on constructing a sustainable mobility in the city. Moreover, considering the increase on the facilities provided by the city halls in order to promote the use of the bicycle for a more sustainable mobility, I think it could be useful to provide you with some tips in order to make a correct use of your bicycle and enjoy your trips.

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