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Winter street design with ZICLA products in cold climate cities.

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The feasibility of installing ZICLA products in snowy cities is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive. Snow and rain are common concerns when installing bike lane separators and bus platforms.
However, ensuring the safety and accessibility of citizens on the winter street design is possible despite the cold, rain, or snow.

We have carried out some projects over the years in cities with adverse weather conditions.

1. La Sagne, Switzerland.

winter street design with ZICLA products
Source: SPCH

In 2021, we installed a Vectorial® bus platform in this small town in Switzerland to improve accessibility at the bus stop located at the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB CFF FFS) train station.

2. New York City, United States.

ZICLA products in snowy cities
Source: ZICLA.

In New York City, we have installed 14 modular bus platforms of the Vectorial® system. Some are located in iconic places in Manhattan, such as 14th Street and 7th Avenue, or the most recent installation at JFK Airport in 2022.

3. Vancouver, Washington, United States.

ZICLA products in snowy cities
Source: Todd Boulanger.

Surrounded by snow! Our Zebra® 9 bike lane separators were installed in 2021 in Vancouver.

4. Vilnius, Lithuania.

ZICLA products in snowy cities
Source: Biseris

We installed Zebra® 9 bike lane separators in the Baltic capital in 2022. One advantage of these separators is that the retroreflective bands make them visible day and night. This makes them ideally suited for cities like Vilnius, where there are few daylight hours during the winter.

5. Everett, Massachusetts, United States.

zicla products in snowy cities
Source: Ad Hoc Idustries.

The anti-slip texture and water-draining capability of the main components of the Vectorial® system ensure accessibility and safety when boarding the bus.

Are you working on an urban mobility project? We want to help! If you have any doubts about the performance and maintenance of ZICLA products in snowy cities, our team’s sales technicians can provide advice.


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