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Zebra® Family and Zipper® system separators are Spain’s first certified bike lane separators.

23 Feb, 2023 | NEWS | 0 comments

Our Zebra® family and Zipper® system products have been AENOR certified to UNE 135902:2020.

This certification is a milestone in the development of products to improve safety in cycling infrastructure, with ZICLA being the first to obtain it.

Standard UNE 135902:2020.

This standard responds to the growing need to standardise bikeway separators whose inclusion in projects will help ensure sustainable and safe urban mobility, in a traffic environment where motor vehicles, bicycles and personal mobility vehicles coexist.
Municipal technicians and professional public works project drafters now have agreed criteria for defining the behavioural requirements for these road elements.

Zebra® Family and Zipper® system bike lane separators.

Zebra® family products are designed to improve the safety of citizens on the streets and, especially, that of bikeway users. They enable the rapid transformation of the street through the construction of discontinuously segregated bikeways.

The Zipper® system is a modular traffic segregator composed of modules A and B. These modules enable the rapid transformation of the street through the construction of bikeways with different configurations and levels of segregation on the road. Zipper® system modules allow for the creation of continuous or discontinuous segregation, depending on the needs of each location.


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