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New tool available! You can now integrate our augmented reality solutions into your bike lane or bus stop project.

10 Feb, 2023 | NEWS, OPINION, OTHERS | 0 comments

Offering the technical documentation of our solutions in an innovative, visual way helps make them easier to understand while providing technical information, ensuring the choice of the most appropriate solution and the configuration that best suits your bike lane or bus stop. It also makes sure it is installed properly, improving its performance and extending its useful life. So, we are including augmented reality display of our solutions in our technical documentation. Why?

Benefits of augmented reality for urban mobility projects.

Displaying our solutions in augmented reality is a way to virtually integrate them into projects and make it easier to understand them and adapt them to the urban context.

It also helps to add the solutions and products making them up into the design drawings to improve the display and conceptualization of the design or redesign of the infrastructure in question, whether it be a cycle path, bus stop, roundabout, or whatever.

It also makes it easier to decide on the most appropriate solution and the final configuration, which speeds up the purchasing process.

How to get our solutions in augmented reality.

  1. Access our website and choose the solution for which you want to obtain the files.
  2. Once on the solution page, access the DOCUMENTATION section using the menu bar.
  3. In the DOCUMENTATION section you will find various downloadable documents.
  4. Click AUGMENTED REALITY and fill out and send the questionnaire. You will then receive the files by e-mail, and you can view them on your mobile device.

How to use augmented reality.

  1. Once you have the augmented reality files on your mobile device, you can go out and apply them virtually in the desired location by following the instructions you will see on the screen.
  2. You can take photos and videos of the displayed solutions and products in situ.
  3. You can then include these files in the design drawings you are working on and share them with fellow team members, on your social media, or with us.

We remain available to help you answer any queries you may have about the use of augmented reality in your projects.


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