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Enjoy your vacation on your bike. Beyond safe cycling infrastructure.

1 Aug, 2022 | NEWS, OPINION | 0 comments

Many people take advantage of the summer vacation to visit new cities and discover new places in the world. This involves a mass movement of people, often related to increased transport emissions.

Motorized transportation methods are not the only ones that allow us to travel. The bicycle and public transport are two good ways to get to know these destinations in depth and feel integrated into the community, like just another local resident.

At ZICLA, we understand that a safe, comfortable, and well-connected public transport and cycling infrastructure is essential to encourage new visitors to use these means of transport to move around the city.

Cities with a safe cycling infrastructure.

Cities where you can find our products installed to improve street safety include: Lisboa (Portugal), Dublin (Ireland), New York City (USA), Le Mans (France) and Barcelona (Spain). If you visit any of these cities and see any of our solutions in their streets, we encourage you to photograph them and share your pictures with us. The same goes for good practices or innovations that you can find wherever you go. According to PeopleForBikes the best cities for cycling in the US and Canada are: Ashland, Wi; Austin, TX; Bentonville, AR; Berkeley, CA; Crested Butte, Co; Morgantown, WV; Philadelphia, PA; Pittsburgh, PA; Seattle, WA; Vancouver, BC.

For those looking for a bigger challenge.

Riding your bike as your main transportation method.

The bicycle is not only for towns and cities, and many people opt for cycle tourism during their vacations. Using the bike as your main transport for a whole journey or combining it with other means of transport, such as the train, are among the most environmentally friendly options.

To travel comfortably and safely by bicycle in Europe you can use the Eurovelo Network infrastructure. Or, if you are planning to visit the US, you can use de TransAm Trail.

Eurovelo network, Europe by bike.

The EuroVelo Network is a network of 17 long-distance cycling routes that connect and unite the entire European continent. The routes can be used both by cyclists and by local residents making their everyday journeys.

Objectives of EuroVelo include:

  • Promoting sustainable travel while caring for the economy, the environment and society.
  • Promoting the exchange of experiences and best practices between European states and regions, stimulating high-quality cycle strategies and infrastructures.


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