• carrers completes

    Complete streets, livable cities.

    19 Mar, 2018 I Category: TOPICAL

    Nowadays, we are facing the problem that many of the streets that constitute our cities[…]

    • cyclists and pedestrians

    Cyclists and pedestrians together can get more livable and friendly cities.

    13 Feb, 2018 I Category: TOPICAL

    The tranquillity of streets in a city and the generation of smoke-free spaces from exhaust[…]

    • infrastructure cyclable

    New bicycle infraestructure in Barcelona: closer and better connected.

    9 Feb, 2018 I Category: TOPICAL

    Barcelona has 172 kilometers of cycling infrastructure built or in progress that will operate at 100% by[…]

    • diagnostic d’accessibilité

    In Barcelona, citizens with disabilities are in charge of the accessibility diagnosis.

    4 Feb, 2018 I Category: TOPICAL

    The 8.13% of the citizens of Barcelona (132,133 citizens) have some type of disability. 54%[…]

    • subvencions per a fomentar l'adquisició de vehicles elèctrics

    Bike lanes would allow preventing premature deaths in Europe.

    17 Apr, 2018 I Category: TOPICAL

    Preventive Medicine has published a survey in which it is concluded that European cities would[…]

    • irisgarritasun unibertsala

    Barcelona is working to become a 100% accessible city.

    9 Jan, 2018 I Category: TOPICAL

    What do we know about universal accessibility? Universal accessibility means much more than being able[…] | T. +34 932 242 731. C/ Ramon Turró 100-104, 4º-3ª. 08005, Barcelona