Are shared roads welcomed by the citizens?

24 Jul, 2017 | NEWS | 0 comments

Now that cities are much more aware of the fact that we need to change our transportation habits to a more sustainable ones, they are investing time and money in creating better infrastructure for this kind of transportation; shared roads such as segregated bike lanes, 30mile/h zones better bus lanes, etc.

All this changes bring up new discussions, with people that agree with them and people that not. Many times news are focused on the rejection of different communities to share the road, such as the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association in London or different Motorbikes associations in Spain. But this is not always this way.

Against or in favor of shared roads?

In April 2017, Servicing Stop (London) carried out a survey asking to 1,500 drivers their opinion about reducing the space for cars in the road in order to build more bike lanes. Those were the results:

  • A third said that narrowing the roads in order to make bike lanes make cyclists safer.
  • 20% disagreed with building way for cycle lanes.
  • 7% of drivers said cutting road space to make way for new cycle lanes was “completely unnecessary”.
  • 13% said new segregated lanes lead to too much congestion [Do bike lanes create traffic?].
  • 71% said that sharing the roads with cyclists in places where there are no segregated lanes did “not bother them at all”.

In June 2017, another poll took place in Toronto, and the results were favorable to shared roads as well.

  • More than four in five Torontians are willing to accept lower speed limits and slower travel times for a reduced risk of traffic collisions.
  • 80% of respondents support a safe network of bike lanes across the city.


Zicla and shared roads.

At Zicla we offer solutions to make shared roads more accessible and secure for every user. We have developed two systems that offer security to cyclists and car drivers by segregating the bike lanes. They are known as the Zebra system and the Zipper system. Advantages of our systems:

  1. Zebra system allows an intermittent effect, while the Zipper System allows both intermittent and continuous segregation effect.
  2. Zebra separators have a rounded form without sharp edges for better protection. Zipper system is formed by two pieces, designed for bike lanes, but also applicable to other traffic functionalities.
  3. Zebra has 2 available configurations ( Oblique & Parallel positions) . Zipper has up to 4 available configurations.
  4. Both have reflective bands for higher visibility day and night.
  5. Both are made of 100% recycled materials.


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