Temporary extension of sidewalks with the ZICLA’s Vectorial® system.

21 Aug, 2020 | City | 0 comments

In the old neighborhoods of many cities the sidewalks are very narrow, and their extension is either not possible or is part of an integral urban renewal of the place. In other cases, the narrowing of the sidewalk may be due, for example, to the construction or rehabilitation of buildings that require scaffolding to occupy the sidewalk and reduce the free space available for pedestrians. In these cases, cities look for temporary solutions that can be quickly dismantled once the sidewalk recovers its usual width. For these cases, the ZICLA’s Vectorial® system is an optimal solution as it allows to expand sidewalks quickly and economically through the construction of modular platforms. These platforms are installed and uninstalled very quickly and easily, with minimal intervention on the public road, so the track quickly recovers its original use when uninstalled. Once finished the works and recovered the space of the sidewalk, besides the fact that these platforms can be quickly dismantled, their components can also be reused for the construction of other platforms in the city.

This is the solution chosen by the Barcelona City Council on 192-198 Paris Street in Barcelona while the renovation work on a building is ongoing.

ZICLA temporay sidewalk extension Temporary extension of sidewalks with the ZICLA's Vectorial® system. 1In other cases, cities need to expand sidewalks in very specific areas where at certain times the flow of people is very high and where permanent works are not justified. This was the case in New York City, which in 2018 decided to expand sidewalks on 7th Avenue using the platforms of the Vectorial® system. This solution also made it possible to create ample spaces for citizens to wait for buses comfortably without interrupting the flow of pedestrians on the sidewalk.

At a time when the COVID-19 forces citizens to practice social distancing when they move around the city, having broad sidewalks becomes a major need.


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