New York City DOT improves the accessibility of its bus stops in Manhattan.

8 Dec, 2019 | City | 0 comments

NYDOT has installed a Vectorial® system platform at one of its Select Bus Service (SBS) route stops. The project consists of the installation of a 110’ long boarding bulb bus stop at 23rd Street & 2nd Avenue, in Manhattan, NY.

SBS23 is one of New York City’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lines, covering the route from East Side Avenue to Chelsea Piers, through Manhattan’s 23rd Street. The addition of a boarding bulb stop eliminates the delay created by pulling out, improving bus service operations.

Special accessibiltiy feature of the Vectorial® system platforms.

ZICLA Bus boarder platform New York City DOT improves the accessibility of its bus stops in Manhattan. 1A special accessibility feature of this platform is the integration of two rows of white tactile warning pieces on its edge. Vectorial® system’s main module surface texture can be adapted to create a contrast with the conventional flooring, thus complying with the requirements of accessibility regulations in each location.

The available tactile textures are the warning and directional ones. These surfaces are embedded in the main modules during the production process. This method offers a great result, with no tripping hazards because there is no height difference between the standard and the tactile surfaces.

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